Use gaming and streaming as a platform to move marginalized populations toward economic independence and create broadcast studios / media outlets throughout Africa.  In these studios, music production and digital art will also be taught, as part of the academy and all studio participants will be connected into industry opportunities.  

The five year strategy extends to opening a stadium and an

All-Africa esports league. 

Three Year Plan 

Pilot and Year 1

  • Create educational curriculum for bootcamp

  • Establish infrastructure in Ghana

  • Recruit program participants

  • Launch academy

  • Academy graduation and launch first official Women's Gaming Team in Africa

  • Launch studio and begin daily programming

  • Add men's team in Ghana

  • Create scalable and replicable template of Ghana academy, studio and teams

Year 2

  • Expand streaming semester and academy to 9 identified African countries

  • Begin planning for esports arena buildout

  • Host large scale tournaments in utilizing existing infrastructure (ex: futbol stadiums)

Year 3

  • Expand streaming semester and academy to 20 identified African countries

  • Launch All-Africa Esports and Streaming Team to compete against teams from other continents

  • Host tournaments on-site at established streaming studios across Africa

  • Secure funding and location for esports arena

  • Major tournaments and championships hosted at esports arena